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FinSight is a technology-focused asset manager, which offers a diversified set of investment strategies such from early-stage VC to pre-IPO investments. Currently there are four funds managed by FinSight, which are open for investors: Fund I — our plain vanilla VC fund; Fund II — fund investing in public technology stocks; Fund III — a scouting fund under FinSight umbrella; and Fund IV — a fund focused on pre-IPO growth equities.

What We Do

Our VC funds create an opportunity to invest capital in assets with high potential. Multiplying the wealth of our investors, we provide an exciting opportunity for them to become a part of the emerging startup ecosystem. Significant returns are always associated with significant risk exposure. Therefore we consider the strategy for investors which is not only of a high risk appetite but also for those who are strongly committed to making their wealth work for a better future.

Funds under management:

FinSight I LP

  • Series A and Series B
  • Priced equity rounds, Convertible instruments
  • Primary focus on USA
  • Investment topics: Fintech, B2B SaaS
  • Target Gross IRR — 35%

For more details, please contact Maxim Nazarov

FinSight India Fund

  • Series A and Series B
  • CCPS, Convertible notes
  • Primary focus on India
  • Investment topics: sector-agnostic, products for the next 500-million Indian middle class
  • Target IRR — 35%

For more details, please contact Pavel Gurianov

During last several year we saw a trend for private companies staying private for longer then before. Therefore we expect 2020-2022 will be record breaking years on public markets — there are dozens of private companies that are the champions of the current technology cycle. Global pandemic, moreover, boosted the digital transformation. Many long-term trends such as telemedicine, RPA, collaboration that were perceived to expand over next 5-10 years became a mainstream in a lockdown.  We believe pre-IPO investments to has an optimal risk/reward profile and want to offer our investors an opportunity to capture the value of companies representing those trends before they became public.

Unlike other pre-IPO providers, we employ a demand-driven approach for late stage investing. In other words, we invest in companies we want to invest rather than in those companies with widely available supply. For this purpose, we developed our proprietary IPO-readiness scoring model and a network of 30+ brokers ready to provide us a supply to almost any company.

In Pre-IPO, we are currently working on deal-by-deal basis. For more details please contact Konstantin Deykalo

Over the past several years we saw an increasing competition on Series A/B. Thus, average Series A pre-money valuation rose 3x over the last decade. You are not getting an allocation if you are not on a cap table. In 2021, we launched a new scouting vehicle to invest in 20-40 seed-stage startups to get better visibility of best companies by the time companies are maturing.

For this purpose we established our proprietary Venture Partners Network that consists of young entrepreneurs that already saw their first success and thus became popular among entrepreneurial communities around the world.

FinSight Scouting Fund

  • Pre-Seed and Seed
  • SAFEs, Convertible notes of $50-100K
  • Sector- and geography-agnostic
  • Target IRR — 20% and 35%+ with follow-on
  • Scouting fund is utilized solely for initial checks. We will provide LPs an opportunity to co-invest at the best companies from the scouting portfolio

For more details, please contact Maxim Nazarov


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