• Redefining the future of finance

    The finance industry is one the oldest in the world, yet it is the least innovative and transparent. With rapid advances in technology and an increasing consumer appetite for better financial services we stand at the forefront of significant breakthroughs in the FinTech industry. We believe that there are early stage companies that will redefine the future of finance; we will identify them and help them succeed.
    Our partners created Finsight on the belief that innovation in the financial sector is long overdue and transforming the finance industry requires the right combination of entrepreneurs supported by deep FinTech experience.

  • Companies don’t change the world, people do

    Backed by our team’s successful investment track record and deep knowledge ofthe financial sector, FinSight can provide valuable support to entrepreneurs at all growth stages. We want to provide more than just capital, our partners are willing to get involved to help our portfolio companies navigate through a complex world. Having built an exceptional team of our own we recognize the importance people play in every start-up.

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Finsight Ventures is leveraging the team extensive
relationship network and complementary businesses to ensure the efficient deal sourcing and analysis in all areas
of investment focus.

The Plastiq online platform allows consumers to use their credit cards for payments in situations when they previously could not.


Earnest is a technology company using data science, smarter design, and exceptional service to rebuild financial services.


The company manages the largest alternative lending online portal LendAcademy, the largest P2P conference LendAcademy, taking place on 3 continents, and innovative investment solutions Lend Academy Investments focused on providing retail investors solutions to invest through various P2P platforms.


Platiza is a largest online service that provides short term loans ranging from $25 to $400. It is the fastest and most convenient way to borrow money in Russia. Platiza help consumers with necessary short-term liquidity while improving their credit score.


Lending Club is the world’s largest peer-to-peer lending platform. Lending Club operates an online lending platform that enables borrowers to obtain a loan, and investors to purchase notes backed by payments made on loans. As of September 2014, the platform has originated over 6 billion USD in loans.


Finexkap is a unique web-based marketplace providing a revolutionary web solution to short-term capital funding. Bringing together SMEs and qualified investors, Finexkap is fast, user-friendly and highly secure.


SinoLending is a fast growing Chinese peer-to-peer lending platform that uses technology to lower the cost of traditional banking system. SinoLending was founded by one of the confounders of the largest US peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Club. SinoLending is the largest lending platform in China, which allowed it to attract over 10,000 registered investors.


FinanceIT is a POS loan origination platform working on Canadian and USA markets with over $500m in loans funded. The company is named the fastest growing consumer finance platform in Canada and selected as Top 25 Up and Coming Canadian companies by Braham 300, prestigious Canadian startup research

Busfor logo

Busfor is the largest East European bus OTA with an inventory-distribution system “GillBus”.


Eaglewood Capital Management is a New York-based investment management firm and an SEC-registered investment adviser specializing in online lending strategies.  The firm focuses on strategies that offer a compelling combination of yield, credit quality and duration while minimizing volatility of returns and correlation to other asset classes.


Global multi-asset trading network for active traders built on proprietary technological platform with 155k customers globally and $240 Billion in transactions in 2013, asset management business, commercial bank, US registered broker dealer – WhoTrades Inc., and other companies.


DeltaPay operates one of the largest networks of payment terminals in Russia providing instant payments to merchants and government. After establishing itself in domestic market DeltaPay is expanding to emerging markets such as Colombia, Panama, Kenya and Armenia.


Alawar is a major developer and publisher of casual games. Alawar works with over 30 developers, its catalog currently includes around 250 globally popular games. Partners acquired a minor stake in Alawar in 2007 and in 2010 the stake was sold to Almaz Capital.


Mamba is the largest Russian-language online dating portal. Through the present, there are more than 30 million people registered in the system. Also Mamba is one of the most visited sites in Runet. Unlike similar western services, Mamba’s users do not pay any fees for registration and subscription.


Badoo is a dating focused social networking service. The site operates in 180 countries and is most popular in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France. Badoo ranks as the 157th most popular website in the world, according to Alexa Internet as of April 2014.


Buka is a major publisher of games and multimedia products in Russia. Partners entered the business in 2004 and in 2008 the company has been sold to 1C for $40m.


Moneymail is an e-commerce business that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. One of the main goals is to develop an online solution that will allow banks to offer an entire line of its financial products to online community.


Banki.ru is Russia’s largest information-analytical portal dedicated to financial products and services. Like LendingTree and BankRate in the US, Banki.ru allows consumers easy comparison of various financial products and provides a variety of content dedicated to the financial industry. Parteners have entered the business in 2010 and sold the stake in 2013 to Russia Capital Partners

Our Team

Victor Remsha

Victor Remsha is a partner at FinSight. Victor is a founder of a large investment group – Finam Investment Holding, which consists of a global multi-asset trading network for active traders with over 155k customers globally and $240 Billion in transactions in 2013, asset management business, commercial bank, US registered broker-dealer – WhoTrades Inc., and other companies. Since early 2000’s, Victor has been personally investing in Internet companies. Together with Alexey Garyunov, he launched the largest publicly traded mutual fund in Eastern Europe specializing in TMT and Internet sectors. Victor’s successful investment track record has been recognized by Forbes magazine when he was named as #2 most renowned Russian Internet investor.

Aleksey Garyunov

Aleksey Garyunov is a partner at FinSight. Aleksey founded FinSight after a successful investment career and entrepreneurship stints. He has been providing his expertise to companies that FinSight has invested in. Aleksey was one of the co-creators of the first in Russia close-end fund to focus on TMT. Along with Finam Holdings, one of the largest financial services providers in Russia, Aleksey has participated in all the major deals concerning TMT and FinTech start-ups in the Russia. His main spheres of interest are FinTech, TMT and asset management. Aleksey is the leading TMT expert in Russia.

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Alexander Prokhorov

Alexander Prokhorov is a partner at FinSight. He began his career in financial advisory group at Ernst & Young in New York, and has worked for two multi-billion dollar family offices focusing on global private equity and venture capital investments. That experience has enabled him to acquire all the necessary skills to pick out potentially world changing start-ups. His background in investing in small and medium sized businesses can be a significant asset to start-ups he is involved in when they try to raise capital.

Maxim Nazarov
Investment Associate

Maxim Nazarov joined FinSight as an analyst in 2014. After graduating from university with a degree in Finance Maxim has both worked in startups and in large financial institutions.  His prior experience allows him to bring the best of the both worlds to help FinSight’s portfolio companies succeed.


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Ludmila Ryabaya
Finance Director

Ludmila has been working in the investment industry her entire career. Her practical experience and knowledge come from direct equity and VC investments, as she worked in financial structuring of deals in those spheres.

Our Advisors

John Donovan

John Donovan is an advisor at FinSight. John helped start Lending Club serving in multiple roles including Board Member, COO and EVP of Corporate Development. Prior to Lending Club, John was Chief Product Officer and COO of BorderFree, the leading provider of cross border services to US Internet merchants. John worked at MasterCard for 17 years building their global customer service platform, developing new payment products, and has spent 5 years in Belgium working for Maestro, a PIN debit joint venture. He holds a B.Sc. Degree in Management, with concentration in Economics, from Long Island University, and is a graduate of Fundamentals of Management Executive Session at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. John is currently an advisor to several companies in the financial technology and online lending spaces.

Francis van den Bosch

Francis van den Bosch held a number of management positions in financial service organizations in various countries, mostly for Citicorp/Citibank, in the retail banking and card activities. For MasterCard/Europay, he led the expansion into Eastern and Southern Europe, before becoming global CEO of Maestro, MasterCard’s debit scheme. More recently, he was CEO of MC Europe; a Brussels based consulting company focusing on management and organizational development, mainly in financial services and pharma. He retired from an active management career end 2012.

Soul Htite

Soul Htite is a co-founder of China based  Sinolending.  He also currently serves as a senior financial advisor to the government of Suzhou as well as several P2P companies. Prior to this, Soul co-founded Lending Club, the world’s largest P2P platform based in San Francisco, California where he served as Head of Technology since inception until 2011.

San Francisco
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  • 31 Jan
    Just2Trade & WhoTrades Collaboration – New Features and Leadership, Same Low Fees

    Online Trading Platform Relaunches with New Leadership and a $40MM Joint Commitment, Introduces Deep Integrations with WhoTrades.To execute the relaunch of Just2Trade, as well as the third party collaboration with WhoTrades, the companies have a combined $40MM commitment from Finsight Ventures.

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  • 16 Feb
    Одолжить до сессии: инвестор Виктор Ремша поможет американским студентам

    Инвестиционная группа FinSight Ventures, основанная председателем совета директоров группы «Финам» Виктором Ремшей и его партнером Алексеем Гарюновым, приобрела долю в американском провайдере финансовых услуг Earnest, рассказали Forbes в компании российских предпринимателей.

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  • 04 Nov
    Основатель «Финам» с партнером вложился в кредитование малого бизнеса США

    Венчурный фонд FinSight Ventures, созданный основателем «Финама» Виктором Ремшей и его партнером Алексеем Гарюновым, купил долю американского провайдера финансовых услуг Fundry

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  • 20 Jan
    Lending Club IPO Shows The Profit Potential For Financial Technology Investments

    Lending Club’s $5.4 billion initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange is more than just the largest IPO for a U.S.-based tech company this year, it’s also planting the flag for an entire ecosystem of startup companies engaged in overturning the ways in which the world deals with money…

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  • 20 Jan
    Finexkap, Offering Working Capital to SMBs In France, Raises $22.5M

    Finexkap, a web platform offering working capital to small businesses in France, has now raised $22.5 million, comprising of a $7.5m Series A equity round and a further $15m, which will be used to finance the platform’s first flurry of deals…

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