Our History

FinSight I LP was set up by two long time partners and co-investors – Alexey Garyunov and Victor Remsha, who both saw an emerging FinTech trend and decided to set up a dedicated fund. Prior to starting FinSight, both Alexey and Victor had a successful career in finance and had made a number of successful investments (Begun in 2003, Buka in 2004, Mamba & Badoo in 2005 and 2007 accordingly, Banki.ru in 2010 among others). Since 2013 FinSight I LP team has made more than 14 investments.

The core team has worked together for a number of years and is committed to the initial FinTech strategy as it sees attractive opportunities in the payments, emerging markets (India in particular), SMB banking and other verticals. Majorly all of them are driven by growing smartphone penetration on emerging markets; regulatory and market changes, maturing open banking infrastructure; continuing digitization of payments and data; ongoing shift to digital channels and changing consumer preferences and expectations.

Moreover, FinSight is now diversifiyng its assets and attracts expertize in such areas as Real estate tech & smart cities, Manufacturing & Robotics and SaaS.