Finsight VC invested in a leading digital freight network in US – Convoy

Finsight VC invested in Convoy on the secondary market. Convoy – is a leading digital broker that operates in a trucking industry market and connects shippers to carriers all over US to transport millions of truckloads. US trucking industry is one of the biggest markets worldwide and is valued at more than $800 billion annually.

Since inception Convoy raised $668 million and was valued at $2.75 billion when it closed last round in 2019. Prior to Convoy founding team held different managing positions in Amazon. Bezos Expeditions (VC fund of Amazon founder and CEO – Jeff Bezos) is one of the early investors. CapitalG, Fidelity, T.Rowe Price, YCombinator, Greylock Partners and Marc Benioff also invested in a company.

Besides Convoy Finsight VC also invested in UiPath, Palantir, Carta which highlights our commitment to the preIPO strategy that proved to have an optimal risk/reward ratio in a current macroeconomic cycle. The Fund consistently invests in technological leaders in different market segments on later stages and high probability of a liquidity in the next 12-24 months. Technological transformation shifted from long-term plans to actions driving explosive demand of technological products that enable that transformation. Among technological companies we focus on the platform companies with strong network effects and high potential to accelerate market share.

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